View From the Deck

Don't let the recent lack of postings lead you to think I have dropped off the planet. The move has been completed with no major incidents, and although my sewing room looks a lot more like a storage room, I am getting unpacked and settled. Yesterday there was a lot of rain, then the sun came out briefly and shone on the farm below.

Yeah, I know -- I can't complain!


  1. Anonymous4:36 PM

    picture perfect Salt Spring. glad to hear you're settled.

  2. I'm glad the moved went well. Your creativity will fall and spread in this new land. They are lucky to have you there. Enjoy and hope to see some photos of your new surrounding soon.

  3. A part from the beauty of the landscape, I read: my sewing room. How nice that you have your own 'cave' with your toys!

  4. so glad to hear you've landed safely. congrats on the move! am looking forward to hearing all about this phase of your journey. <3

  5. you sure know how to fins places.

  6. Happy for your successful move and glad that you have more space to be yourself in. Can't wait to see what you get up to next!


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