In Which Rocks Speak and Frogs Glisten

I've been thinking. For those of you who have been visiting here for a while, you know now is the time to roll your eyes and fetch a cup of tea (or possibly something stronger) to fortify yourself for where the randomness of my alleged thoughts might take us.

About three years ago I posted about a comma shaped rock I found on the road. I took it to be a sign from the universe that it was time for a pause, to take a breath. And I very much needed to do that. I don't know if I really feel it's time to get moving again, but yesterday I found another rock, a perfect egg shape. It says to me, "Everything is contained within." And, although I do recognise that tuning into the whispers of rocks might seem a little strange, I'm listening.

And, as it happens, I am moving, from this small wild island to another, bigger and less wild. In spite of having moved at least 40 times since I was a teenager, this particular move feels very hard to make. There is a community here that I really love, where I feel I have a place. It's not easy living here, remote, off-grid, sparsely populated. The shared experience, the pride of being able to get through a dark winter, of surviving a ferry ride in gale conditions, of generating your own power, of eating, dancing and making music together - has created a very special community. My friend Sophia says it's the best place to have a happy second childhood that she can think of. And she's right.

In a way, moving here was like taking a vow of poverty. I live on a very small income. But since there are no stores (except the Free Store), no fashion scene, and perhaps most importantly, no place to dump stuff when you don't want it anymore (except the Free Store), the cycle of consumerism is possible to step away from. I feel like I have had a very rich, full life here - I have shared spectacular pot luck dinners, made dear friends, and walked daily on some of the world's most glorious shorelines.

There have been so many awe-some moments - just the other day I was picking apples, and as I pulled one perfect red fruit from the tree I saw there was a tiny green tree frog perched on it. I held the apple close to a leaf so the little fellow could hop back to safety, and as he reached his tiny hand up, it was illuminated against the sun shining through the branches, and I felt so at peace and in love with the world.

Okay, maybe it is time to get back into the "real" world, and see if I can sustain some of what I have learned here. I'm going to help the chef write a cookbook, and almost without lifting a finger I have become involved in two knitting groups on Salt Spring - both of which knit for admirable charitable causes. I'm planning to join the Spinners and Weavers Guild and learn more about farming and who knows what else. I think that what is contained within is about to burst forth.

As always, it should be interesting.


  1. Anonymous8:31 PM

    I wish you all the very best in your new adventure - I can imagine how hard it might be to leave your present community, and only go back to visit, but it sounds like there may be something equally good ahead, and at our age it is still important to grab every opportunity and not regret something you did not have the courage to try. I look forward to hearing how it all goes, and hope it is a good transition. I am sure there will be more special moments on your new island with the chef.

  2. I'm on a very small island too. Sometimes I almost feel desperate to leave, but I have no idea how I would react if I was *forced* to do so - had the decision made for me...

    I like what you say about bursting forth and "who knows what else." Indeed! Best wishes to you.

  3. At our age changes can be difficult, but when we chose to make changes it is for the best because we put all our energies and heart into it. Sometimes we reach a point in our life that we have to leave the safe known and go on. It seems to me that you are embracing the new adventure with courage and curiosity, so you can not fail.
    Good for you, you are already organized in your new island that, as I read online, 'is internationally recognized for its gifted population of artists'. Well, another one is arriving!
    (and yes, I am going to Japan!)

  4. Anonymous12:19 AM

    Leaving is always difficult but at least the islands aren't so far from each other. I am sure you can make it back to Lasqueti now and then. Best of luck with your new life.

  5. Heather, all the very best on your next move. I've moves so many times myself and it ends up a life style I love and addicted to. You have thought it well and through so whatever happens in your new home it's something you have chosen. The comforting fact is that, this blog goes with you - Hugs Nat

  6. wow, good luck....

  7. Congrats, Heather - this sounds like the logical next step and I have a feeling that you and your many talents will blossom on your new island. All the very best in your adventure!

  8. Best wishes on your move Heather. I've moved a lot too in my life. The path is never predictable. Stay curious!

    It will be fun to hear about your adventure on your blog.

  9. Your life on Lasqueti sounds so idyllic, it's hard not to feel a little nostalgic about leaving; reading your posts regularly makes me feel as though it is my home too, and I kept thinking I'd have to go and discover it irl.
    So I wish you all the best for your new life, and keep the egg safely.

  10. Anonymous9:28 AM

    oh Heather, my heart sank when I read you were moving and then soared again when I thought of SSI - I lived there for 9 years. the weaver's guild was my first guild and I sold my work at the market on Saturdays. Wishing you all the very best of Island luck and love. I will be meeting both aracne and nat in Japan and hope to finally meet you on the island.Rocks really do know best!

  11. Wow. I was just getting caught up on island life there, and now it will be SSI. And your metaphor rock is really beautiful, as a fellow rock listener I know they often tell the truth. Safe and happy travels Heather.

  12. Welcome in advance to our island, Heather. I know you've spent a bit of time here already and I was delighted to hear that it's going to be permanent. Good choice!
    P.S. You don't know me yet but I look forward to meeting you soon.
    Sue Wood (no relation to him.)

  13. Heather

    best of all wishes for this tumultuous time. I have enjoyed my visits with you and your volunteer poverty - and your intellect.

    I hope that all goes well and that this will be a 'good' move for your creativity.


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