Zodiac Garland

Here's my latest little project. It was quick and fun - great for the last few days of summer.

I found a set of 12 squares of cloth at the thrift store, beautifully hand embroidered with a delightful series of astrological signs. They probably date from the 1970's, and needed a bit of cleaning to remove some rust stains.

I thought of piecing them into a quilt or wall hanging, but I couldn't arrange them so that the background colours were to my liking. So I went off on a completely different tangent, and added piping and backing to each one, then stuffed them to create 12 little pillows (about 7"x9").

I then sewed snap fasteners to the upper corners of each pillow, and the mate to each fastener on a length of tea-dyed twill tape. Snap them on and voila!


  1. Anonymous6:16 PM

    what a find and wonderfully imaginative way to use them. delightful

  2. this is fantastic! do post more closeup pics if you get a chance. this is such a great idea for special blocks and i may have to copy you.

  3. What great find and I like how you made them into 12 pillows. Gorgeous - Hugs Nat

  4. Brilliant solution! Where do you find such great stuff? I'm going to have to start going to thrift shops again. Or maybe not...

  5. Great idea, someimes the simplest ideas are the best ones.


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