Wish You Were Here

Yikes! I haven't done a posting for quite a while. I could offer all the usual excuses of summer, but there was a special event on top of everything else. It was a gala dinner to raise funds to build a community health centre. It took place in the Teapot House (check out the chimney), a landmark heritage building that is rarely used.

Chef Bruce Wood donated his time and talent to create a sumptuous six-course meal prepared with island raised ingredients.

The tables were set beautifully. Janine brought in linens, candlesticks, artwork and mirrors from her own home to create an elegant atmosphere.

Considering we are an isolated, rural island I think we rose to the occasion brilliantly.

Volunteer staff helped the chef create beautiful plates. Here is the seafood appetizer, with smoked honey mussels, cured salmon, marinated tuna, crab meat, and prawns spilling out of an oyster shell.

Salads of fresh greens and blossoms.

Oops, we're moving so fast things are getting blurry! Here's the roast lamb on a bed of oven roasted veggies and baby potatoes, dressed with tzatsiki and a red huckleberry relish.

Desserts from our talented island bakers.

The cheese plates that rounded out the evening.

After the dinner an auction was held that raised over $15,000. Incredible!


  1. Wow, looks so appetising. I am curious about the cheese. Was it "homegrown" too?

  2. looks like the dinner was worth it...

  3. Francine, Yes - the cheese was from Moonstruck Farm, an organic dairy, on Salt Spring. They make a camembert style called Baby Blue, and an aged blue called White Grace.

  4. Anonymous12:10 PM

    wow! what a gorgeous spread.


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