"We'll Be Open at Eleven"

I had a request to make a doorway curtain for a restaurant. It has an open kitchen, so in the summer the staff opens the front door early just to keep the place from getting too hot while they are baking and prepping for the day. But they are getting tired of people ignoring the "Closed" sign and walking in, asking to be served.

Rather than getting nasty, sometimes all that is needed is a gentle physical or visual barrier to make people think twice. I hope this curtain will serve the purpose. Based on something I saw in Marie Claire Idees several years ago, this noren-style curtain is pieced together from cheery tea towels and a vintage embroidered tablecloth. The restaurant's logo appliqued to a doily finishes off the custom look.

(Hope to have a better picture in situ soon.)


  1. Anonymous9:43 AM

    wonderful, colourful and creative solution. Hope it works.

  2. You do much good work and this more, more, more of it.

  3. Thanks Bascom and Jean.

  4. Terrific, I love it. I love when you mix different textiles and come out with something so unique!


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