My New Hero

Kai Nagata has nothing to do with textiles. But he has everything to do with integrity, vision, and action. I encourage you to take the time (allow a good hour) to read both postings on his blog Freedom 24, and to delve as well into the comments.

Kai, a 24-year-old journalist who just quit his plum job in Canadian media, has sparked a remarkable discussion that resonates far beyond his own personal circumstances. The response he has received goes far beyond side-taking, no matter how much the trolls are trying to make it about politics. The really inspiring effect of his posting is how his his words and actions have helped so many people re-discover hope within themselves - and from the overall content of the comments, his message has sparked the hearts of thousands of intelligent, caring people who want to see change happen.

How that change might happen is up in the air. But I think I can truly say that I have not encountered such a passionate, optimistic outpouring of voices since, well, maybe ever. That it happened on a lazy summer weekend, completely via the Internet and alternative media is astonishing. It heartens me to hear so many young people who are articulate and committed to making the world a better place. It is, after all, this bleeding piece of earth that they will have to contend with once we're done.


  1. I visited his blog and read: moving.
    I guess that what he says is universal, he would find the same situation in information/politics in this side of the world.
    What moves me is his passion, his rejection of easy life, benefits and honours to porsue his believes.
    He seems to be made out of that fabric used to make ancient Greek heroes...

  2. Anonymous9:29 AM

    thanks for the link, wanted to jump up and shout "YEAH".

  3. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Heather I felt so curious for your comments! I read "the letter" and felt happy for this boy. I feel happy for old or young people who follows "the less traveled road": its heart desires, its intuition.
    I think it is the hardest and the humblest way to live but the most honest, fulfilling and satisfying.
    Is not this way what you had chosen too?

  4. While surfing the net and trying to beat the heat (close to 100 F in Tunisia today...again), I happened upon your very interesting blog, which I've been enjoying. Thank you for posting about Kai. I went to read his posts which I consider important when considering the "bigger picture". You will notice that he mentions Misrata (Libya), where an epic battle for freedom was taking place (and is still ongoing) when talking about the Will and Kate wedding. I think there is a butterfly effect at work here. I recently posted about the revolution in Tunisia that triggered the huge changes that are taking place in the Mid East and Africa. It seems to me that any journalist worth his salt would realize that the cards are being redistributed and this will have an effect everywhere, whether we are aware of it or not. This man did the right thing--bravo. Thanks for allowing me to get in my two cents worth.
    best, nadia


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