Another Day, Another Beach

We were enticed down to the shore by this groovy old fishing boat.

Gracie was happy to stretch her legs.

We spotted a number of bald eagles fishing in the ebbing tide. Here are three scouting out the prospects - the brown mottled one is a juvenile.

We were told that they were feeding on midshipmen, a small bullhead-like fish. It was amazing to see them dive and scoop their dinner out of the water, although this guy preferred to just reach in and grab.

Gracie met a playmate and they chased each other back and forth.

It wouldn't be a beach walk with Heather if I didn't include a shot of rock formations. The fractured black shale shore is so different from the smooth sandstone of home.

On the way back Gracie had a drink from a shady forest pool.

And then conked out on our host's couch. She seems right at home!

I did get some stitching done on this trip, and will have photos soon.


  1. Thanks for another delightful walk on the beach!

  2. I love your rock pictures, so go ahead with them!

  3. Hello Heather! It's been a while since I have checked your blog, I have started one of my own, and lots has happened. My husband had a stroke Thanksgiving week, and quadruple bypass surgery Jan. 10th. My gallbladder decided to attack me, and I had to deal with that pain until Feb, when the husband got his driving privileges back. I had surgery on Feb. 22nd. So it was a mother of a winter, and I am glad its over!
    Hope you are well, and your photos are lovely.


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