Small Pieces

The She Project came to our little island once again this year. Participants are sent a line of text beginning with the word "she", and requested to respond to the line in two hours, using any medium.

My line was "She cut the ties, and headed out to sea." Given that the spectre of moving is currently looming large for me, this seemed uncannily appropriate. My piece, above, is still unfinished, as I want to mount it inside a larger embroidery hoop, tethered like a drumskin within a circle.

I used an image of a coracle, the round, woven boat of the British Isles, and printed it onto an inkjet transfer. Then I simply embroidered the text in a shade of French blue that my eyes just can't get enough of.

I also made a little pouch from the bit of Saori weaving I did last week at Terri's Salt Spring weaving studio. I liked how different the two sides are. I lined it with a scrap of Japanese silk, and will probably attach a braided strap. My camera fits perfectly within.


  1. oh, the coracle is absolutely lovely.

  2. The Saori weaving intrigues me, it looks like something that I would do with happiness. As much as I love traditional weaving, perhaps because I do not have much experience, I feel intimidated and would rather do something else.
    I like your 'quick' project it gives me a feeling of freedom and adventure...heading to Italy?

  3. Oh, Blandina, I wish I might be headed for Italy one day!

  4. Anonymous4:47 PM

    I love your concept and the tatted lace (it is tatting, isn't it?) around the outside of the quote is perfect. just like sea foam.

  5. I just love what u do, very inspirational...! How do I get a hold of u..? We are hosting a workshop on Quadra this coming month, with jacey from insubordiknit, and I thaught u mau be

  6. I cannot imagine "her" really cutting all ties, but then not all threads are ties...


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