Salt Spring Farmer's Market

I visited Salt Spring Island this past weekend. Gracie and I got to stay at house overlooking the bucolic Moonstruck Farm. The happy cows give the milk that goes into Moonstruck's beautiful artisan cheeses.

The Farmer's Market in Ganges, the island's town centre, is justifiably famous. Here is a glimpse of some of the locally made goodies available.

This young lad brought his 2-month-old Arucauna chick to hang out for the day.

A beautiful lunch was had at Bruce's Kitchen, right next to the market. The special, which changes daily according to the local produce available and the chef's genius imagination, was poached salmon on a bed of wheatberry salad, baby greens and housemade tartar sauce with fresh herbs. My camera does not do the artistry of this plate justice. And it tasted sublime.


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