Gracie and the Cows

We've been visiting Moonstruck Farm, home to a herd of gorgeous Jersey cows. Gracie finds them quite fascinating. They seem interested in her too.

These girls came a little closer to check out the furry newcomer.

"I don't know, Buttercup. What do you think?"

Eventually the whole gang showed up. Gracie was calm and curious, although I'm sure if she was on the other side of the fence she couldn't resist rounding them up.

Such beauties. Not possessing the daintiest of table manners though - I was surprised at how loudly they munched the grass.

I want to show these pictures to my doctor. He was trying to convince me that taking Premarin, derived from pregnant horses tied in their stalls and hooked up to tubes to extract their estrogen-rich urine was no different than drinking milk from cows, kept pregnant and in concrete barns all day. I had ethical issues with the Premarin, and told him the milk I drank came from cows who grazed in pastures. He scoffed, and said nobody does that anymore. "See, doc, happy cows!"


  1. Anonymous3:23 PM

    healthy you, happy cows and entertained Gracie. What a life! Are you still facing relocation??

  2. Jean, if I do have to move, it may very likely be to this place on Salt Spring!

  3. Anonymous7:55 PM

    I lived on Salt Spring for 9 years, we had a business there (while I was a "we") my kids went to school there. love the place, wishing you all the best. Did you receive your Maiwa book?

  4. What a lovely place, so peaceful.
    Male doctors trying to put us on unnecessary hormones? No thank you!

  5. Sounds rather dreadful! what is this Premarin thing?

  6. Premarin is used to replace estogen in menopausal women. Maybe it's a North American thing and European women (and their doctors) are more sensible.

  7. Heather, please investigate the connection between Premarin and breast cancer. There were some who thought my breast cancer was at least partially due to my use of hormone therapy at menopause. That being said, I certainly did feel WONDERFUL on Premarin . . . oh, there are no easy solutions!


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