Cherry Blossoms in the Rain

Believe it or not, the above photo was taken in the midst of a sunny rain shower yesterday afternoon. Given the results of our Canadian election, I'll have to take it as a symbol of hope that there are some things Stephen Harper won't ruin.

And, as some of you have expressed curiosity as to what's happening on the dating front, I'm heading down to Salt Spring for a weekend with the chef. I'll keep you posted!

Tons of mundane sewing happening, nothing particularly picture worthy.

Except perhaps a mend on my favourite shoes. Gracie chewed the strap of one last fall, and I couldn't bear to look at them, but yesterday I got them out and was able to replace the destroyed strap with a piece of red leather, stitching and some Tacky Glue. I matched the pale pink stitching perfectly, but the thread turned dark when I polished them. Oh well, lots of dancing left in them still!


  1. I'm with you on the Harper thing. At least my guy got in again and he's not a Conservative! How come nobody I know votes for them but they get a majority anyway?

    Those shoes are so cute! Nice repair there. I would have taken them to Tito, my local cobbler, but then it would cost me $$. He's really good though. Happy dancing in your red shoes!

  2. I figured the NDP might even win 'cause, like you, nobody I know voted Conservative.

  3. Jeez...I love these shoes! My feet are shaped like that..makes it hard to put them in other shapes. Great rescue!

  4. Is there something that you are not able to repair?!?
    Good job with the shoes, my dancing shoes are not very different: flat and confortable.
    I love the cherry blossoms, nice picture.


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