To Blog, or Not to Blog...

The lovely and gracious Blandina of La Griccia has bestowed on me an award. I get to display my badge of honour and nominate five others.

I'm supposed to answer five questions about my blogging career, such as it is. Here goes...

- When did you start your blog?
On May 17, 2006, according to my archive. Seems like ten lifetimes ago!

- What do you write about?
It started off with the intent to write about stitching and textiles (to make, to mend, to decorate). But those topics lend themselves to metaphors that can be stretched to cover just about anything.

- What makes this special?
I have no idea how my blog might stand out from the crowd (and I don't expect that it does.) But I try to write about things with a sense of humour and/or intelligence. As my blog does also function as a diary of sorts, I try to be honest, which sometimes leads to me spouting off about my personal life or opinions that readers might find boring or irrelevant. But then, that's the beauty of the blogosphere, one click and you're somewhere else!

- What made you start writing?
I had an art exhibit that I needed to write an artist statement for, and a co-worker had a blog about something dull like politics, but it seemed to be a good outlet for his thoughts. My first post was the artist statement. Since I have worked much of my life in fields like advertising and publishing, and I like to put words and images together, creating a blog seemed like a format that would suit me. And it does, I guess!

- What would you change in your blog?
I would like to add a gallery of images and a bio so that the blog can function a bit more like a website portfolio. And certainly I would like to be more consistent in the quality of the content, but then it's me, and I'm pretty variable, so I guess the blog is just a reflection of my life.

One thing I would add is that I just spent a bit of time looking through past posts. My earlier ones were (I say modestly) really well written, compared to more recent ones. I must be getting blase about the process, or maybe just feel more comfortable not being polished and perfect. But I would like to sharpen up a bit - quality, not quantity.

Now, Deepa, Paddy's Daughter, Drucilla Pettibone, Bicycle Buddha and Lis, you're it! Anyone else who wants to play, jump in.

BTW, the picture at the top is of the Mirabella plum tree in my yard. I wish I could post the lovely sweet scent as well.


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