This World Never Fails to Amaze

Still swamped, but came across this fantastic guy who makes quilts from women's panties.

Thanks to Betsy of Craftivism for bringing "Shovelhead" to my attention.

Louis “Shovelhead” Garrett rents out the basement of his mother’s house in Louisiana, Mo. That’s where he crafts his one-of-a-kind quilts. He’s kind of picky with his panties. He’ll accept silk, acetate, nylon, even rayon. But polyester panties need not apply.

“I don’t want them cheap, dollar store, not-sexy-farm-girl panties. I want classy.”

And no granny-panties. Quilting may sound like a grandma kind of hobby, but Shovelhead’s standards require a more Victoria’s Secret appeal.

So where do 58 pair of classy panties converted into a quilt come from? Mostly from the women in Shovelhead’s life. He does landscaping and odd jobs around town, and asks his clients if they’d like to contribute undergarments to the cause.

“Most all of them donated. There was a few of them that raised their eyebrows and said, ‘You ain’t getting’ my panties,’” he laughs.


  1. Sometimes the world amazes me. Luckily there is still reason for a good laugh!

  2. Anonymous3:01 PM

    oh that is just too cool. Think, my cotton, no nonsense apparel would be rejected!

  3. It's definitely one of a kind quilt woo! I had to enlarged and have a closer look. He did a great job. What a good find - Hugs Nat

  4. a used panty quilt just seems ripe (no pun intended) for!

  5. Don't you find that concept just a little creepy? At least my "granny panties" would be rejected!

  6. Yeah, I sure wouldn't want the guy who was doing my yardwork asking me for my underwear. But I do admire the care and effort he put into his stitching. Hopefully quilting is keeping him out of trouble!

  7. This is just wild! I love it. The title of your post is perfect - I'm amazed.


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