Oh No! Not Another Beach Walk!?!

Yes, my friends, the beach is constantly changing. I see new things every time. Please come with me, I'll show you.

The tide is ebbing, revealing the oyster bed that lies between Maple Point and Marine Island. Sure, we can gather some and have them for dinner.

See how hard the sun is trying to break through the clouds.

This heron is often here, sitting on a deadhead. Why he opens his wings like that, I don't know - maybe for balance?

What an amazing rock. (Okay, I'll admit it. I have a thing for rocks.)

In summertime, I sometimes eat the bladderwrack after it has dried in the sun. (It's sort of like popcorn.) But this year they are telling us on the West Coast not to eat seaweed because of the nuclear disaster in Japan contaminating our waters.

Looking out across the Sabine Channel, we see a tug pulling a huge container ship, loaded with cheap consumer goods from China. (I assume.) The tiny black specks in the water are the heads of a group of about a dozen seals. They are curious, and will keep an eye on us as we walk around the point.

Here's a closer look at one of the little guys.

The rocks on this side of the island are covered in bright green algae at this time of year.

The sandstone is carved out by the action of waves. Today it is calm, but we wouldn't want to be standing here when it is windy.

Even Gracie seems impressed.

See the hole in the upper layer of rock?

Little patches of sod have managed to build up, allowing other green things to take root.

Gracie rousted an otter! Too bad I was too slow with the camera.

The moon is full tonight. That's why the tides were so low on our walk. It was pretty cool, wasn't it? Glad you came along.


  1. there can never be too many beach walks

  2. i thoroughly enjoyed that walk with you and gracie! just what i needed.

  3. Anonymous11:01 AM

    thanks, Heather. your beaches are so different than those just a little South of you. can never get enough of the beach - or rocks. Enjoy.

  4. Thank you for the walk on the Salish coast. The scent of the seaweed reached all the way here to the prairies ...

  5. Vanessa1:52 PM

    I love your beach walks, thanks for taking me. I will be sure to show Lily and Loughran later today. I am trying to convince them we need to live by the ocean....after I win the lottery....

  6. wow Heather what a beautiful place. In some ways it looks like a fairy tale place. I'm sad to hear about the seaweed.

  7. Anonymous5:32 AM

    Really beautiful images Heather. They remind me of the wonderful days I have spent along West Coast shores. They also reminded me of an old Japanese children's song called Hamabe no Uta. There is an English translation called Come Walk Along the Shore. Here are the lyrics. I think they fit your pictures very well.

    If you have time, dear friend of mine
    Come walk along the shore
    Tomorrow I'll be waiting there
    Remembering once more
    I listen to the wind you see
    Or watch the clouds roll over me
    So many things come back to me
    As I walk along the shore

    If you have time, dear friend of mine
    Come walk along the shore
    Just yesterday I found a way
    To remember even more
    I watch the waves come rolling in
    The moon and stars come out again
    And I remember you, my friend
    As I walk along the shore

    translated by Greg Irwin


  8. Sigh. So lovely. Thanks for sharing the photos, Heather! And thanks also for the poem, Jean-Pierre. They do fit together perfectly!

    I don't think I've ever seen a heron spread his wings like that. However cormorants do it all the time to dry their wings. They don't have waterproofing like ducks and many other waterbirds do so must dry out often. Maybe that's what he's doing too?

  9. thanks for sharing your beach walk! very refreshing - even virtually! : )


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