I have been absent for a while, I know, but the days are just zipping by and my energy seems low. Happens every year - I think this is what spring fever really is.

Most people would find my current project extremely tedious - I am using it as an opportunity to practise patience and mindfulness. I have been replacing 216 roman blind rings for a neighbour - with the blinds in situ. I'm averaging about five minutes per ring, and am just over halfway done. Yup.

But I did learn something really useful recently, which I want to share with the yarn-y folks amongst you. I dyed over two miles of fine cotton yarn yesterday, and even though I put on lots of ties, it still got impossibly tangled. But I was able to de-snarl it all pretty quickly, simply by grabbing one end of the skein and THWACKing it smartly against a hard surface. Flip it around and THWACK the other end - amazing. Thwack it a couple more times and the skein will be smooth and snarl-free.
(I'm thinking this might just work when the yarn is still damp. More experimentation may be needed.)


  1. "occupational therapy!" I got so pissed off I started building a home!

  2. What an amazing trick, I will try it next time that I have a tangled skein of yarn. Maybe I should find a boyfriend, too?

  3. Good thing you didn't actually hit him with the skein! Heh.


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