That's what I am. The lovely, the talented, the brilliant Drucilla Pettibone has conceived a group show Gay for Eagles, of new work that explores issues of war and peace, gender and sexuality. And some of my work will be included. Check out that lineup - I am humbled to be in a group that includes so many people that I admire. (The image above is of Alexandra J. Walter's piece that inspired the show.)

This will be the first time I have exhibited (off island) since 2008, when I was in a group show at the Kohler Arts Centre in Sheboygan, WI. My life took a significant shift away from career after that, but I continue to create, so it is indeed a good kick in the pants to have an exhibit to work towards.

And speaking of kicks, Drucilla is funding the show through Kickstarter, a very interesting way to raise money. Unfortunately I can't contribute from Canada, but if any of my American friends would like to help out, there are rewards to be had, beyond the good karma. Check it out.

The show will open April 15, 2011 at the Hotel Hadley studios in Siler City, NC.

Hotel Hadley Studios is an artists' collective, gallery and studios housed in a Victorian hotel and located in the historic town of Siler City. North Carolina has a rich history of fiber art, and Siler City is a former mill town, and yet very little contemporary stitching has been exhibited in this area.


  1. thanks so much for your kind words, heather! i am also thrilled to include your work!


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