Stone Circles

I have been noticing a number of unusually perfect circles in the sandstone I pass on my beach walks. I assume they are formed by the action of the tides, but who knows? Maybe they are some kind of alien communication.

This one is about four feet across!

Hmmn, almost flying saucer-like.

The rock forms are endlessly fascinating. Maybe I missed my true calling as a geologist.

One lone huge boulder stands sentinal.


  1. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Those are amazing Heather, they almost look hand carved. What inspirational rocks..I see stitching with circles. A gorgeous place to live. Cheers.

  2. Thank you for your comment.

    How did you know that your blog made me think a lot over the last days? I did not dare to leave a comment because I have the feeling, that I do not have anything to add to the question what is art and what is craft.
    For myself I am sure that I am a crafter. Not an artist.

    (Though of course I sometimes see craft which I'd call art and even more often I see things labled as "art" which I spontaneously would lable as "craft". Because they lack the special something that goes beyond. But difficult to say, where the border is. I am not an artist, so luckily I don't have to know. ;) )

    And for your question: Knip is similar to burda in the sense that it contains sewing patterns and sewing instructions. The style and the approach on the other hand is different from Burda. Where Burda wants to bring latest fashion (or even tomorrows high fasion) to the reader, Knip (a dutch magazin) is more interested in clothing and fashion for daily live. Also the dutch taste in clothes differs from the German one. So the style of the clothes is different.

    I don't know how much you know about European Sewing mags, but that kind with patterns included exists in several countries. We have ottobre from Finland (they now have a German edition also), patrones in Spain, La Mia Boutique in Italy and some more like Diana or Sabrina or Lea which are produced for several countries under different names, but with the same patterns.

    I don't know if that exists in Canada?

  3. *smile* And we in Europe envy the US for Vogue patterns and cheap quilting fabric.

    And we think that at least in the US there must be much more sewin ggoing on because sewing machines and fabric are so much cheaper and a lot of material is easily available that we can not get.

    The greener grass is always on the other side, I guess. ;)

    (I like sewing with Vogue/Butterick/McCall patern bettern than with Burda because they meet my body proportions bettern. But that is very personal. And I have a Threads subscription because we have nothing like that. Also probably more than half of my sewing, knitting and craft books are american because I can't find the same in German... Internet is so great, because now I can get things I had always wondered before why they did not exist.)

  4. Port Renfrew's coastline (Van Is) has these formations as well---absolutely stunning--like gems set into a cabachon of cliff and shore

  5. Thanks for the new word Arlee - cabachon. I looked it up and it means a gemstone polished so that it is convex with a flat bottom. Perfect to describe these circular stones.

  6. Just to add to the stone circle discussion, Newcastle Island (across from Nanaimo) has circles cut out of the sandstone when it was harvested for building materials and whatnot. I forget the exact use to which they were put. See the rather lousy photo:

    It does look similar but yours are "unfinished"! Perhaps they were found to be unsuitable after beginning to cut them?

  7. these are each incredibly wonderful!

  8. Wonderful! How did you start noticing them? I live by the seaside also, but I never pay attention to the rock formations.

  9. I walk everyday on the beach and my eyes become more sensitive to the small variations each time. Sometimes the light just makes certain shapes or colours stand out.


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