A Good Time Was Had By All

We might not have paved roads or an electrical grid, but we sure do have spirit! (Hmmn, maybe there's a correlation.) This past Saturday saw a great community celebration on our little island, and the unusually winter-y weather just made us more appreciative of all the good things we do have here. Above, baton twirlers practice for the parade.

Our community arts group was fortunate to receive a grant to create a number of murals. They were painted collaboratively over the past two months. The unveiling was combined with a parade, dubbed the Gumboot Stomp. Handpainted gumboots were the order of the day.

More practise seemed to be needed. It's hard to twirl in mittens!

The Bolting Brassicas, our local marching band, led the way.

Oooh, I wouldn't want to be a brass player in this weather!

And, drum roll please, the murals! First, a mosaic for the Arts Centre.

The Farmer's Market will have this for a backdrop next summer.

This mural will be sited in the trees so that it is glimpsed from the road.

Homesteading is the theme of this mural, which will hang on the fence in front of the cemetery.

And the mythical Lasquetia will grace our Community Hall.

More music, a bonfire, a wonderful supper of soup and homemade bread, and storytelling rounded out the evening.


  1. It seems like a great day and that everybody had fun.
    I love the painted gumboots, what an unusual and lovey idea.

  2. Love what small island communities come up with! So fun. Certainly colourful - though I'm sure you all weren't expecting the snow, huh?

  3. Anonymous11:34 AM

    What a great life you guys must have on your little island. How good to have so many like minded folk to share your community. Love the gumboots and the murals are wonderful! Cheers...

  4. Those painted boots are totally amazing.

  5. Wow - that is colourful!

    Love the boots lined up!


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