My second attempt at painting with Procion dyes worked much better. I think I was able to control the dyes more successfully and the cloud is less of a disaster. I know the bright colours are not so popular these days, but I think they work for the "storybook" quality of the planned quilt. BTW, I used "Good Glue", a vegetable starch based archival glue for the resist. It worked quite well as you can see, as long as it had time to dry. I squeezed it directly from the bottle, which led to some serious carpal tunnel pain the next day.

I am doing some embroidery before quilting over the white lines of the drawing. (The machine stitching you see is basting, don't worry, it will be removed.) The little sheep are in bullion stitch - which I only yesterday realized I was doing incorrectly, but it works anyway - and I did the ears in raised buttonhole stitch. My first attempt at stumpwork techniques!

I finished the other wind directions a while ago, but am just posting now, so you know I haven't been sitting on my hands.

And I would love to see this exhibition of recycled textiles at the Textile Museum. The quilt from Uzbekistan just makes my heart go pitter pat.


  1. Anonymous9:41 AM

    oh you truely have not been sitting on your hands! Love the sheep, the swaying trees, rainbow, everything. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. Lucky recipients


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