Keeping the Beat

My accordion teacher was having trouble getting me to keep time and especially to follow the downbeat. He analyzed my problem as thinking the rhythm rather than feeling it in my body. He tried various games to overcome my too-dominant brain: chanting, clapping, dancing.

Nothing worked for long, until he asked what I was most passionate about. Fibre, of course. So he made up a song about silk and cashmere, linen and wool. Worked like a charm!

A friend commented recently that he never knew what I was going to blog about next. Maybe I have gotten a little off topic lately. But my musical lesson reminded me that it's all about fabric, one way or another.


  1. ...and it's about beauty, and genuine heartfelt interactions with the stuff of life ... What a lovely little instrument! I have long harboured a secret desire for one just like that, and red too. Enjoy!

  2. You look so blissful there with your little button accordion. I envy you a little because I can't play a thing - except maybe a kazoo. Play on, girl!

  3. Anonymous1:24 PM

    --enjoy, Heather. Anyone who can spin a little fibre into their music lesson is truly committed.

  4. Anonymous1:57 PM

    maybe if you liken the measures to
    swinging a heddle or the round of a spinning wheel?
    because there is rhythm in fiber


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