Weaving Bread and Avoiding Panic

It seems like everyone has snow. (At least in North America, that is. Not to be geocentric or anything.) Even our balmy little island has a dusting of white. A good day to stay inside and make Woven Sweet Potato Foccacia. I use Penny Nickel's recipe, and was inspired by Jude Hill's woven pizza.

I've been doing lots of mending (for other people) lately. Nothing too exciting to show off, mostly replacing zippers and taking up hems. I'm always amazed at the simple fixes that are brought to me with the comment, "Oh, I should probably do this myself, but I hate/am terrible at sewing." While I don't doubt that they speak their truth, I can't imagine a life where picking up a needle and thread is something to panic over. I guess I need to get out more...

And, just in case one of you out there has a spare $550,000 or so, and are looking for a gorgeous small farm on a remote Gulf Island, the property where I live (rent) is for sale. It will probably not move too quickly, but I am looking at the eventuality of finding another home in the near future. Speaking of panicking, I am trying not to...but it is hard to make plans.


  1. another good reason to buy one lottery ticket.

  2. HI Heather, I'm glad I found your blog too. It's lovely! Thanks for the nice comments. wow - that bread looks so good. We are snowed under in horse country in kentucky right now and wouldn't that be good with some espresso? Take care :)

  3. nice bread! no spare change at the moment....

  4. Anonymous4:53 PM

    --no snow here! The bread looks sooo good, I'm going to give it a try. Love the cloth in the picture. Hope you don't lose your home--maybe new owners would let you stay.

  5. moving is hard, and change is always hard for me to embrace, but new physical space might open up some new creative space too..

  6. Moving is always terrifying, it brings a lot of changes, some of them unexpected. I moved twice in 15 months, and besides the physical adjustments, my soul too has been modified in many ways since by getting rid of too much stuff I acquired a new form of interior freedom. So, it could be for the better.
    The bread looks very attractive!


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