And So It Goes...

Today I went looking in my sewing room for some metal snaps that I knew I had...somewhere. It was like wandering in a jungle. A frightening, overwhelming accumulation -- and I had done a major purge just a month ago. Not only could I not find the snaps, I started getting that panicky, anxious feeling of not knowing where to start tidying up.

So, because it was a nice day, I went out to the garden and did a bit of pruning and weeding to give myself a sense of being in control. Hah! It's the middle of winter of course -- if I think I'm in control, just wait til June. The garden will be in full jungle mode. Then, I suppose I will do the same thing in reverse: go into my sewing room and sort my fabric collection.



  1. Anonymous6:05 PM

    --ohh, I have the same problem, the same feelings and the same "solution". This is my year to recycle,repurpose and reduce my stash.

  2. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Oh! I guess I should wait before sending any more cloth. I have 10 bolts of wool kimono cloth in my office, waiting fore me to get organized enough to go to the post office. Let me know when you're ready for them. I don't want to add to your feelings of textile overload.


  3. Yep, sounds like the prevarication I practise too :)

  4. It is my year, too, and since I recently moved I had the occasion of reducing my fabric and yarn stash.
    I have been with no pity, I reduced a lot but the stash is still considerable. Ah, the joy of accumulating!

  5. The trouble with getting rid of things is that you'll find a desperate need for it very soon after! Also the more you tidy, the harder it is to find things. You can't remember where you moved them!

  6. Last year was my year to stash bust and organize and I find myself pleasantly still in that mode. I've made so many items from what I had - much more than I thought my stash could provide me with. I haven't bought anything new (besides notions) in many months. Go stash busting!


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