The Sun is Out Today

(The above image of the island was drawn by the lovely and talented Skye Marker when she was a teenager. She's all grown up now, and making a successful design career in Vancouver. She has given me permission to make a quilt based on her drawing.)

Our recent snowfall has been and gone. It's back to being balmy here on the rock. The chickens seem especially happy, and I have a new resolve to make the best use of these short days.

I made a list of my current projects - there were over fifteen things for other people, and I didn't even attempt to make a list of the stuff that is just for me. But I do realize that if I DON'T do the stuff for me, I will eventually become gray and miserable, and useless to do the stuff for other people. There is a Christmas art show in three weeks at our local art centre, so I think I will try to make some quick, small pieces to put in.

I am inspired by Arlee Barr's thoughtful, beautifully written article on the aesthetics of working with rags here. And I am thrilled by Ann Wood's owl. Thank you, Arlee, for introducing me to a new (to me, at least) artist.


  1. And thank YOU Heather :)
    Making art sometimes for ourselves is hard too because we are often making Art :0

  2. Thank you for the links, these two artists are awsome. So ful of inspiration.

  3. Oh I can't wait to see this quilt. Hope you will continue to post as it progresses.


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