Sophia brought this luscious pomegranate over the other day. Each seed is like a jewel.


  1. mmmmy favorite, but the ones in the market here this year have been puny by comparison.

  2. cannot get enough of these, the whole thing is such a ceremony.

  3. Two things Heather:
    I just found your blog -YUM!

    We had an exchange student from Afghanistan with us in 2009 and she used to poor the pommegrate seeds into a bowl and put some water in with them (if they were too tart, she'd add a dab of honey or sugar) let them sit a bit and then eat them. It added a juiciness and made the seed eating easier somehow.

    Now about your love / obsession with Japanese fabric...I'm looking for sources of kimino. Does your Dear Jean Piere sell on the web? (or would he sell to me privately? or can he become my dear Jean Piere too?) DO you know of any online sellers you'd reccommend?

    Lovely blog...I'll keep visiting for certain!

    Laura Bradshaw
    Olney Maryland (near D.C. - ugh!)

  4. Dear Hippiemom,

    Thanks for the tip on pomegranate seeds. And as far as kimono sales online go, Jean-Pierre just sent me this link:
    http://japanesetextiles.word press.com
    to a fellow named David Morrison Pike. J.-P. says the prices are quite good. And if you contact me at my email true_stitches(at)yahoo.ca I can put you in touch with J.-P. directly.
    Thanks for visiting - I like your name!


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