Slow Progress

The recent beautiful weather has kept me out in the garden, cleaning it up for winter. But I have been working slowly away at the small quilted piece, incorporating a shoreline scene into the square of arashi shibori that reminded me of sea and sky.

The scene is one I encountered on my post-storm beach walk of a couple of weeks ago. I think this is the first time I have brought the landscape I love and draw inner peace from into my textile work. Maybe all those garden and nature photos I post aren't so far removed from the creative work after all!

I used lots of different colours of thread and small running stitches, as well as french and bullion knots. I used a treasured length of Japanese yarn made from old fishing nets as the seaweed, which adds depth and makes the scene come alive.

I have also added the rear end of the horse. (Take that sentence out of context!) Once I get the next round of border on, I will embroider a long swirling tail. That's as far as I have planned, still trying to work spontaneously.


  1. Anonymous3:40 PM

    A lovely piece, with quietness and movement as well. Love the horse in and out of the frame....a tail will make it perfect.

  2. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Absolutely brilliant! Can't wait to see you post the finished piece. That detail with purple starfish and bits of seaweed and other seashore elements is remarkable.
    This will be one of your classic pieces. I am sure of it.


  3. Wow, J.-P., I've never had such a rave review. I humbly thank you!

  4. Beautiful detail! Love the encorporation of the fishing net yarn

  5. wholly crap heather!!!!I am working on your coat today... quite humbly... I am embarrassed to be working on your coat today


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