Found Objects

The waves are always bringing in interesting things. We found this painted hand the other day.

Gracie of course thought it was a toy, and gave it the teeth test.

Must have been tasty!

I find the pebbles on the beach endlessly fascinating in their diversity, but these are more colourful than most. I like that the painted image seems to be that of a jigsaw puzzle.

On the path heading back from the beach, I almost stepped on this little guy. The tiny tree frog was no bigger than my little fingernail.

And, in a preview of the almost finished Wind Horse piece that I have been working on, this patinated, flattened, unidentifiable ring of copper caught my eye on the shore and made its way to the border of a quilt.


  1. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Well, it is almost Hallowe'en so I am going to add a note of gruesome horror to this post.

    Again, a bounty of really beautiful natural images BUT when I saw that painted hand on the shore the first thought that came into my mind was this.

    "Why do body parts, especially the extremities, keep floating up onto the shores of the Gulf Islands?" I am sure you know what I'm talking about. Over the past 10 years about a dozen lone feet, usually still wearing shoes, have been found on the shores of islands and nobody has discovered the bodies they were formerly attached to. They are mystery feet with no identity.

    At least the hand you found (not the real hand eerily hovering at the edge of the picture) is painted and colourful. Still, Samhain is almost here and we are about to enter a new Celtic year and all sorts of spirits will be out so seeing a detached hand gives me the SPOOKS. Where's the rest of the body?

    Happy Hallowe'en! Jean-Pierre

  2. love that hands photo :0

  3. Cool pictures from the beach! The dog is adorable. :)


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