Re-weaving the Flux of Space and Time

My friend, the lovely and multi-talented Gretchen Elsner, has written a great post here about the challenges of making a living as an artist in a world that doesn't always appreciate the value of her work. It is a problem that I understand and share, and I so admire Gretchen for facing it head on, rather than escaping to a magical island where the economy is not based on money, as I have done.

I encourage you to read Gretchen's words, and check out her incredible clothing and pop-up books. She is a true artist. (That's her above, wearing a skirt she whipped up in lightning fast speed, when she visited me last Christmas.)


  1. I will go visit your friends blog when I have visited you - Your life is to be envied and aspired to so one day I hope to find my own island were pace of life is slow and people are apreciated over money.
    Have a lovely and happy day.

  2. I hope that appreciation for handmade art such as ours will continue to grow and gain respect. I find this especially so in the needle arts / sewing world. Those that don't do it simply don't understand. I think education and blogs like this are the key to inspiring others.


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