Random Tuesday

Just in case anybody has forgotten that this is supposed to be a blog about cloth, I need to play a little catchup with current projects. Above is a Buddhist patchwork quilt top that I am working on for E-Den B&B. It's the first monochromatic one I have done, which I have to admit is not as exciting to work on. But I think it will be beautiful - I plan to quilt it quite densely, which should add more visual interest.

Mending of Morgan's punk rock jacket is coming along. I decided to wash it before commencing work, and for a few moments was worried that dirt was the only thing holding the cloth together. It practically dissolved in the tub. But now that it's clean and dry, it will be much more pleasant to work on.

The small wind horse quilt has been progressing slowly. I am almost finished the text, and have chosen cloth for the next layer. Both pieces are vintage Japanese - one a silk print, the other a scrap of authentic boro.

And I am happy to report that the Singer Featherweight I am restoring is running like a charm. I need to replace the very scary looking wiring, but after that it's all cosmetic. Next up is a 110 year old treadle machine.


  1. This quilt reminds me of Wagga quilt in Australia. It will look great with quilting stitches on it. Enjoy mending the famous jacket - Hugs Nat

  2. check out this clothing artist from down south: Alabama Chanin. you'll love it I bet.

  3. check out this textile/clothing artist from down south: Alabama Chanin. I bet you'll love her


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