Mending a 130-Year-Old Quilt

Dazy Drake, a long-time Lasquetian, recently inherited this quilt from her Grandma Harris. She believes it was made as a wedding present by the women of her Grandma's church in southern Indiana, about 130 years ago! (My guess is that it probably is somewhat newer than that, going by the patterns of the flower fabric. But I could well be wrong.)It has been in constant use since then.

The hand quilting is remarkably fine, and I think was essential to the quilt's longevity.

The beautiful pink scalloped border is showing a lot of wear on the top edge. Dazy has entrusted me with its repair.

My approach will be to preserve as much of the original fabric as possible. Where it is just too worn, I will applique new pink fabric over the existing stuff. It will be an opportunity to practice tiny quilt stitches of my own!


  1. what a really lovely quilt! You will be doing a great job in reparing that much-loved quilt!

  2. Anonymous1:40 PM

    What a lovely old thing..but I agree it looks to me to be more like a 30's design and pattern. Any feedsack in it? Do show it again when you have fixed it.

  3. Gorgeous old quilt. It's treasure to touch it! You will do a great job and put feeling and imotion into every stitch. I would love to reproduce a block from it. If it's okay with the owner? It would be great in 30s fabric - Hugs Nat

  4. Wow that is a lovely quilt and what a joy to be able to add your own work to its history and life. I know you will do a fantastic job.


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