Autumn Beach Walk: Part Three

This massive rock formation is a favourite roosting spot for seabirds on a calmer day.

This side of the island, which is more protected, has very different geological textures than the northeast side.

Gracie found a coconut. Well, what else would you expect to wash up on the shore of a remote northern island?

Coming into Spring Bay.

The waves brought in a bit of flotsam and jetsom.

A path up from the beach.

The stone is eroded in amazing patterns.

I love how this log has the hard skeleton of a vine twined around it.

A little impromptu sculpture.

Home to the untouched pebble beach of Spring Bay.


  1. Vanessa9:00 AM

    Oh Heather, I want to MOVE there. I am going to show these posts about the island, they'll love them.
    Thinking of you lots!

  2. Gorgeous photos! And a real sense of Gracie's enjoyment of the walk.


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