Ode to Old Rick Rack

If it wasn't enough for me to collect old linens, I also glean old thread and sewing notions from thrift stores. Here is a lovely vintage card of rick rack, which manages to pack a lot of value into one 15 cent package.

On the back of the label it describes "Well Made Rick Rack":
Should have sharp, clean points -- not waves; the color should be clear -- not mottled. This is a fine all-purpose braid for trimming garments, curtains, tablecloths, etc. To apply -- stitch the Rick Rack through the center. Stitch wide Rick Rack at both edges.

The label goes on to ask "Does Your Child Sew?":
Send three labels and 10 cents to cover postage and handling for a generous package of clippings of Wright's products suitable for trimming doll's clothes.

Isn't that sweet?

Furthermore the Rick Rack is guaranteed to be perfect in workmanship. If it any flaw were found, the company would reimburse not just the cost of the braid, but also the reasonable cost of labor and materials for the article on which it was applied.

Take THAT, modern day customer service!!

Wm. E. Wright and Sons is still doing business today, still located in West Warren, Massachusetts. They have a fascinating list of products:
Satin, grosgrain & velvet ribbons. polyester thread, tapes, braids Stainless steel braid, Graphite thread, Nylon thread, Resin impregnated thread, Rubber or latex thread, Spandex thread, Asbestos thread, Cotton thread, Silk thread, Polyester thread, Polyamide thread, Bismalemide thread, Fiberglass thread, Decorative ribbons, Paper ribbons, Silk ribbons, Synthetic ribbons, Rigging tape

And they have a website. Amazing.


  1. All I can say is wow... don't get service like that these day or if you do its usually from Marks and Spencers... Beverley (UK)

  2. I love old packages of rick rack! I think this is because my grandmother used to have a fabric store in the 50s/60s (in Nelson), and when I was a child I had a wonderful collection of bits of fabric and notions left over from the store (which I mostly used for making Barbie clothes). Wooden spools of thread, buttons attached to cards and old rick rack packages always fill me with a wonderful warm feeling of nostalgia --conjuring up happy memories of my grandmother and a time of carefree creative play.

  3. I am a rick rack lover too as well as also loving old heavy spools of thread, I find my vintage Singer sews better with a heavy spool. I have just been using a lot of rick rack lately and am addicted! Really like reading your blog.


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