Mending at the Market

This week I was not only mending, but selling bread, cinnamon buns, sweet potato foccacia (recipe here), garlic, and raffle ticket for the quilt in the background. In spite of being in the unfamiliar role of a merchant I did have a good time and it was pretty relaxed. There were about fifteen other farmers and craftspeople there, grab a cinnamon bun and come meet a couple of them.

Here's Ingo, one of my favourite people on the island. He is a carver of beautiful bowls and spoons, and has a great sense of humour.

Here's Connie, former veterinarian, now market gardener. Her produce is beautiful.

The Bolting Brassicas, our local marching band, played a joyful set of gypsy/klezmer music, with a little James Brown thrown in.

Here's Gabe, an absolutely delightful young man, and quite a decent trumpet player. Which he should be, with a name like Gabriel.

Here's another angel, Pachiel, the band's fearless leader.

Lots of fun.


  1. Did you make those cinnamon buns? They look awesome! Any leftovers? :)

  2. I did indeed make them. Sorry, no leftovers, they sold like, uh, hotcakes.

  3. The atmosphere at your market is evident from your photos, what fun.

  4. What fun this all looks. I hope to be able to visit your island one day.

  5. What a wonderful place to live it must be every ones dream to live a life like yours.
    The buns look wonderful and that fabric on your chairs I am sure I had some like that at some point in my sewing days.
    Beverley x

  6. I'm just stabling along looking at as many different blogs as I can. I'm glad I came across yours. It's really cool to see this farmers market you do to. I also read your article about the singer sewing machine. It's so cool to see the different lifestyles that people are living.

    long live blogging!

  7. Heather, thanks for sharing the market day. Market is my favorite place. Looking through recipe and carving links I now discovered weird and wonderful embroidery and things - thanks for sharing - Hugs Nat


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