The Garden Abides

While I was away the garden grew.

Garlic scapes ready for harvest.

Feverfew is a "weed" here.

Bees love the borage. The flowers are nice in salad too, and apparently it is very lovely to freeze them in ice cubes for cooling cocktails. When my lifestyle includes time for languid afternoons on the porch, I will definitely give it a try.

And I have included a new link in the sidebar: Daintytime. Sherri Lynn Wood uses cloth in a marvelous, intuitive, healing way. Her Passages quilts are wonderful. Also see:this page for lots of photos of the process and finished quilted works.


  1. Borage in Pimms, the essence of summer!

  2. Anonymous12:08 AM

    Love your home, I've never seen one like that before.

  3. Love the Borage! I love drinking Borage-flavored lemonade.You only need some lemon juice, sugar, borage leaves and water.Just simply add all and blend it for 30 seconds. Its really refreshing. You should try it.


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