This Cat Has My Number

Angus is taking advantage of his "ailing old codger" status to delay the progress on the quilt. His perfectly comfy basket is only three feet away.



  1. They know how to get in your stuff, don't they. My Old Man is in his 17th year, and knows where the cosmic center is in the house, no matter what is going on.

  2. Hello - My cat Felix who is 14 has been poorly and loves nothing more than being wrapped in a small blanket and carried round like a baby. Funny things cats...But we love em.

  3. I just "found" your blog by clicking on the "next blog" button my my page - it's just that I don't want to go indoors and cook the dinner!! Anyway, I am blown away by your posts from Japan, absolutely fantastic, and then I read about the kimono you are taking apart, oh gosh, words fail me. Anyway, I've signed up to "follow" you (is that like stalking, I hope not) and you might enjoy a peek at my Japan-inspired ramblings at
    Blessings, Lis x

  4. Hi Heather, sorry about your breakfast! I've just posted about kimono and added a link to your wonderful post "How can a kimono break one's heart?", Lis x

  5. Why would he lie in his own basket if he can lie in yours?? :) Nice quilt. I love blue and white together.

  6. there just might be mice lurking under that quilt, you don't know...and thanks for visiting mine...k.


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