The 150 Mile Wardrobe, From Scratch

I just read about a new project this morning that has captured my imagination. The Fibershed Project seeks to create a wardrobe from "Seed to On-The-Skin" in a response to the current unsustainable practices of textile manufacture.

Although I do have sheep in my own front yard, the snag I see in the possibility of taking on a similar challenge myself is that the Fibershed group are happily (and conveniently) located in California, where cotton can be grown. Here in the Pacific Northwest, nettle fibre is the best option for next to the skin dainties, and it really hasn't been processed in any practical way for a couple of hundred years. Handspun wool panties have no appeal for me.

Nevertheless, it is a very intriguing project and I look forward to following the group's progress. Here is a link to their Facebook page, and their wonderful blog can be found here.


  1. That is an intriguing idea, but like you, I live in a place where cotton is not a feasible crop. And like you, I have no desire to run around in wool undies. Can you imagine the itch?!


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