At Last, I'm Prepared

When I was a kid, the rationale my father always used when asked "WHY do I have to clean up my room?" was that the queen might be coming for tea. I grew up with the notion (probably not unusual in the colonies) that Queen Elizabeth was taken to randomly dropping in on her subjects, and that one must always be prepared to welcome her royal personage at any given time.

Forty years later, my housekeeping skills haven't really improved, but I now feel totally confident that I could welcome Liz at a moment's notice. I found this incredible hand-embroidered Coronation tablecloth at the thrift store the other day. It is indeed a tour de force.

It doesn't look as if it was ever used. Same old story - too precious. And I guess Her Highness never dropped in.

I can't decide whether to give it to the next monarchist I meet, or to put it on EBay. Or maybe to keep it on hand, just in case.


  1. Hilarious and wonderful!! I say treat yourself like royalty and use it regularly, she might catch the word and drop by but why wait!

  2. Anonymous7:59 PM

    This is a really, really wonderful artifact. With this tablecloth you are now ready to join the IODE (International Order of the Daughters of the Empire). Why don't you start a chapter on Lasqueti?
    I will never forget the IODE. My Mom joined when we moved to the Cowichan Valley in the late 60's. I think they mostly drank tea and saluted the Queen and raised money for scholarships. The funny thing is, my Mom HATED the Queen, and all other British royalty, with a passion. She, my Mom not the Queen, is from Quebec, where they throw darts at portraits of ol' Liz. I guess she just figured it was a quick way to break into the Valley social circles.
    How about Lasqueti? Are there social circles to break into? Or break out of?
    Enjoy the table cloth. It would be fine addition to any tea party.


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