Forgive Me...

It is Sunday, a good day to reflect and repent.
I confess.
I have committed the great sin of pride.

Okay, back up a bit. I spent Thursday and Friday on a trip to Victoria to visit my dear old friend Jean-Pierre. On the way south, I picked up a knitting machine that I found on Craigslist. Sin's tentacles extend in many directions, some of them circular. I used to have an identical knitting machine that I lugged around for 25 years, finally giving it to a thrift shop when I found no takers on, you guessed it, Craigslist. The months passed, but I had too many ideas for machine knit fabric still lurking in my brain, so I slid back to the temptations of another fabric tool/toy.

Once in Victoria, I dropped into Knotty By Nature, the fabulous fibre art supply store. I managed to resist the coy glances in my direction from the lusciously dyed silk roving, the bold solicitations of the dew-retted flax, but caved utterly and completely at the display of Habu.

I fell for the stainless steel and silk. (I have not been alone in this fall, see Penny Nickel's experience.)

Once home, pride reared its arrogant head. Forget that I hadn't used a knitting machine in years, forget that thread weight yarns are tricky at best - I was going to knit the Kushu Kushu scarf on my new machine.

Which I did.

Then I decided I didn't like the drape and unraveled it. (You know where this is going.) I rehung the scarf (it now being 9:30 at night with Lasqueti-level lighting) and proceeded to *#&%#!!! the whole thing up.

At quarter to 11 I admitted that I was beat and went to bed, where my unconscious processed my shame in a series of scolding dreams.

Today I will repent. A cone of sensible sportweight wool awaits.


  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    It was a pleasure to explore the Victoria's textile underground with you. I actually like following other people around because then I get to see places and things I would never see on my own. For example, at the quilting store I discovered that there is such a thing as a quilting cruise to Alaska. I never imagined such a thing! At the yarn store I discovered that you can crochet a cover for an entire bicycle. I know your textile friends out there won't be too surprsied, but I sure was. It was a thing of sheer beauty and humour. Thanks for opening my eyes to the fascinating, many textured world of textiles!

  2. being humbled is quite a relief in the long run.

  3. Ha! I'm glad I'm not alone falling for Habu's charms. I finally gave up trying to knit with it, and have had some success weaving with it as the warp. (Silk and wool wrapped stainless steel.) Still a bit finicky, but not nearly as aggravating as my previous experiences.
    Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  4. Imagine you cussing. You crack me up.I hope you have fun with the knitting machine. I used to have one and loved it. But, I will not get caught in your web . Now back to my quilts...


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