Divine Intervention

It's funny how things happen sometimes. Today I received a comment on my blog from Rosa, who I don't think I has visited me before. Rosa is a ceramic artist who makes some really cool things, and she also seems to be very thoughtful and honest, and an excellent writer - it was a great pleasure to scroll through her posts.

One of the things she mentioned was a book called "What It Is" by the Goddess Known as Lynda Barry, my all time favourite graphic artist. I have been a little out of the loop lately, and so had never heard of this book, but after reading Rosa's comments on it, I added it to my "Must Read" list.

Being on a little island with no bookstore or even library, it actually went on my "Must Find When I Go To The City" list. I am cultivating patience.

Two hours later, on my way to a MASSAGE (oh, bliss)I stopped in at the Free Store. Can you believe, right on top of a stack of donated books, was a fresh, unmarked copy of "What It Is". A gift from God to be sure! I hugged it to my chest and made a solemn vow to heed the words within as if they were a message from the great oracle. (And I'm sure they are!)

Now if only I could manifest world peace by just putting it on a list!

P.S. Now that I've has a chance to browse through the book I can confirm that it is very inspiring and a total visual treat. Although superficially a guide to writing, the ideas can be applied to any creative pursuit.


  1. Isn't this book just awesome! Lynda Barry is my hero. There's so many things in every corner of this book that it makes me dizzy just turning the pages.

    Thanks for the blog shout out!


  2. Obviously, somebody up there likes you.(And you deserve it, too).

  3. I love Lynda Barry and I love it when the Universe conspires in my favor as you describe. Enjoy!

  4. Great kismet! I bought this book for myself awhile ago, but haven't had a chance to read it properly yet. It's been calling to me from my bookshelf...


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