Movin' Right Along... the theme for today. I have loads to do, a list as long as my arm. Whatever romantic fantasies I may have once held about farm life have been swamped by the to-do list.

Fences to build - I long for rustic wattle, but may have to make do with chicken wire for now.

Seeds to sow - I'm thrilled that Dan Jason from Salt Spring Seeds is coming to the island for our seed swap. This year I'm going to try Snack Jack pumpkins for their hull-less seeds, along with everything else. Funny how the garden seems so roomy at this time of year, and five months from now there won't be space to turn around.

Trees to prune - they are already starting to open their buds, I may be too late.

Quilt to make - hooray, a commission has come down the pike. I get to play with beautiful Japanese cloth.

Dog to train - little Gracie came with some manners, but she's not quite living up to her name yet. But she's smart, and amenable to suggestion. I love it that she's small enough to scoop up in my arms now, but she won't be for long.

Yoga to practise - give my aching bod some TLC. Angus is my instructor. Here he demonstrates Sunbeamasana.

And I thought I'd finish by giving a plug to our dear old Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, funded by the ever benevolent taxpayer, and accessible to the whole world by going here. Some of my favourite shows are "The Current" for insightful journalism, "Tonic" for great jazz in the evening, and "Wiretap" for quirky stories. And my brother Dave's Valentine story will be read this weekend on the ever popular "Vinyl Cafe" show (kind of a Garrison Keillor.) The CBC's website is easily navigated and offers complete programs to download or stream. Lots of music and interesting talk.


  1. Heather,
    As always, your posts are a bright spot in my days. I like how Angus has swirled himself around, turning his head in what I call my cat's 'upside down boy' pose. I love the cat-ness of cats.
    The little snippets of spring in your photos tells me that spring will be here, even if Mother Nature makes me think otherwise.
    Thanks for the warmness of this post.


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