Kimono Cloth

My friend Jean-Pierre sent me these pictures of some vintage kimonos he picked up on his latest trip to Nara and Kyoto. He says it's getting harder to find wool ones, and the silks are very expensive. He also said he saw some pieces of boro cloth, but suspected they were faked because the stitching threads looked too white and new. Since boro is now commanding such high prices I'm not surprised there would be fakes.

Jean-Pierre is sending these kimono my way, in exchange for some work from me. I'll have to do something pretty fabulous to earn this cloth!


  1. Peg Yates12:18 PM

    Wonderful fabrics and I am sure you will earn them easily. Do you know what you are going to do for him yet?

  2. Wow! Those photos were making me drool! I just love japanese kimonos!! They are absolutely stunning!!

  3. I enjoyed seeing those photos. And no doubt you'll create some amazing pieces. But I wanted to comment about the availability of kimono in Japan. My website business is and I go over once a year (I bring a group of textile enthusiasts along) and we are able to still find bargains. I would be glad to direct anyone to my sources if you're heading to Kyoto at any point. And of course, in the meantime if you want to browse the treasures I have for sale, feel free. Email me for a discount before ordering.

  4. What wonderful fabrics. I especially love the second one. Is it an ikat?


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