Two Vintage Kimono=One Birthday Quilt

I finished a quilt for my brother's birthday present.

I took apart two old kimono last summer. (See here). The cloth languished through the fall, until I took a good look at how the plums and blues complemented each other. I was struck by the weaverliness of both fabrics, how they achieved their subtle effect through simple squares of warp and weft. I cut them into blocks, thinking this would be quick and easy.

I got distracted by other things and ended up taking forever. The bold plaid presented a challenge, as there wasn't enough fabric to centre each block. I ended up just aligning the centre purple strip so that they all ran in the same direction. The backing is a length of ikat that I have been hauling around for a few years.

I chose to put a lighter blue square at the intersections of the sashing. I like how it lights up the whole quilt.

The whole thing was machine pieced and quilted. The only hand stitching was where I joined two pieces together, having run out of fabric for whole cloth squares. I would have loved to hand stitch the whole thing, but time was a'wasting. I promise I haven't gone over to the dark side, the next project will be by hand.


  1. Very nice. Oh and don't worry the dark side it's not that bad. It's OK to have a little of both. By the by, the Kimono fabric I have from you is the same that you offered for your birthday give away. If you could send me a pic of others that you think might compliment would be greatly appreciated.Sorry I so slow at responding.

  2. Thank-you soooo much Heather! It is so beautiful and well-made- I love it!


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