More Quilt and Chicken Update

I am happy and relieved to report that Zelda seems to have survived the surgery and healed up nicely. I will try to take the stitches out today. Yesterday I went into town to try and pick up a few suture needles to have on hand in case of other emergencies. Not only did the pharmacists I spoke to looked shocked at my request, when I told them about sewing up Zelda's neck they looked downright horrified. I guess home surgery is not practised much on the mainland! I didn't tell them about my friend Jay (who successfully performed an operation on a crop bound chicken) and my plan to offer a mobile chicken repair service on Lasqueti.

(I found out a good tip on suturing. Apparently one is supposed to practise on a pig's foot or gnarly cut of meat, or, get this, a banana peel!)

Here's more quilt: This classic land/seascape by Terry Thompson refers to many aspects of Pat's life - the school where she taught, her garden, the ocean. The lighthouse doesn't actually look like the one at Sister's Island, but perhaps is more a metaphor for the role of Pat in the community - that of a guide and a beacon - and of protection.

Susie Lironi created this cream puff of a hat, as Pat is a woman of many hats. Apparently she enjoys a good practical joke as well, since a tiny whoopee cushion gives the hat its volume. How many quilts have you seen that incorporate a hidden whoopee cushion?

Celia King lent her masterful needle to this depiction of the first school on Lasqueti where Pat taught. Her stitching is just awesome, and creates a lasting image of a building that no longer stands.

Joy, her mother, Sophia and Maia jointed produced this fabulous image of Pat in her garden. There are certain elements that were repeated throughout the blocks - Pat is renowned for her wonderful garden and she always wears a hat to protect her skin from the sun. Most comments on this block, though focussed on the beautiful embroidery which highlights the, er, contours of Pat's figure, and the fabulous bullion stitches for her hair.

You might also notice I have been trying to manage my posts by actually using tags, and also trying to restore my blogroll. Ah, organization!