ATTN: Please Disregard Last Memo

Okay, I won't try any radical re-thinks on the blog until I actually have a plan. Somehow I thought if I organised the blog, my life would follow suit. Apparently (Hah!) it doesn't work that way.

Above are the skeletal remains of the tomatillo plants that I have yet to put on the compost pile. They have collected raindrops in the most jewel-like manner.
The chickens like to hang out under the old rose bush when it rains, or when an eagle is in the vicinity.


  1. LOVE the tomatillo pic! beautiful!

  2. I don't know anything about radical re-thinking, but I was thinking that I truly love true stitches about how it's about your loves: art, gardening, island life etc etc. And it should follow that this is YOUR blog and it can be anything you want it to be...(I also like the you are one with them blog...but don't separate your life & blogs too too much...too many blogs spoil the soup!)

  3. And the skeletal tomatillo picture is truly a work of art!

  4. The chickens look as if they were waiting to cross the busy road... *^v^*
    The tomatillo plants are beautiful, it's amazing what Nature creates!


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