Perfect Surprise

Today we have been wrestling with the solar system and dealing with flooding from all the rain, so finding a little package in my mailbox from France was a totally delightful surprise. A very sweet and thoughtful gift from Francine who just had a birthday on the 14th. Drop by and wish her a belated Happy Birthday.

She says the doily is made by an old woman in a Cypriot mountain village. It looks tatted, but apparently it was made using just a thread and needle. Very interesting and beautiful. I do have quite a collection of handmade doilies and lace that I go through and fondle every so often - I love them but my "decor" is a little too rustic for displaying them. One day I will figure out a project to suitably show off this lovely lace.


  1. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Did you ever notice that a doily looks like a mandala? I can imagine the doily artist going round and round and round and round and then when it 's done looking up and saying, "Ah hah!".
    Was that what our grandmothers were doing? Were they simply knitting their centers, stitch by stitch?


  2. Ah, J.P., you are so perceptive. I agree with you about the mandala, and furthermore I have seen doilies that look like fractals, which really could blow one's mind!

  3. So pleased you like it.


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