A Little More St. John's

Like many places that have lived subject to the unpredictable force of weather, waves and government, Newfoundland has a rich tradition of art and music. I visited the Craft Council Gallery and took a few pictures before being told I couldn't. I'm sharing them with you here because I thought they were wonderful, but as always, copyright remains with the original artist. The above hooked mat is by Joan Foster.

The gallery is situated in a heritage building on the harbour, which can be seen through the window. This particular show was in honour of the village of Cupids, celebrating its 400th anniversary. I really loved Susan Furneaux's piece on the left wall.

She works in thread, cloth and collage and created this piece in honour of the Newfoundland women who worked so hard for so little. "See gentle patience smile on pain."

This tapestry by Rachel Ryan is called "Beacon".

I loved this "Garden Goddess", a whimsical sculpture by Janet Peter.

A jeweller who usually works in precious metal chainmail, Jason Holley, changed scale to a massive proportion for his exhibition, "Breaking Point". He says his work is about human connections. "Communities, relationships, families are so important and always breaking down and repairing somewhat."
For a lovely browse check out the Craft Council's website

And here is the lovely room in the B&B where I stayed. The one day it rained I stayed in and worked on my own stitching. It felt absolutely luxurious.