Cream of the West Update

Through the long summer of gardening I have been grabbing spare moments to work on this piece. Remember the faded flour sack I found and chose to embroider over? Here. And here. I have been pretty faithful to the printed design, but some of the colours, especially the red, had all but disappeared.

In the space below the "MAPLE LEAF", I could tell there had been some printing but really couldn't figure it out, so I decided to make a bit of a statement and inserted "Non GMO". This amuses me because at the time the flour sack was made, there certainly wouldn't have been any GMO foods - a more innocent age. Now, a bill to make labeling of GMO foods mandatory in Canada failed to pass, in large part due to the lobbying efforts of Monsanto and other producers of GMO seed.

Obviously, I'm still not done yet. I tend to work here and there on a piece, rather than upward from the bottom. It will be a challenge to figure out the Maple Leaf Mills logo in the middle, and some fun awaits me with the wheat stems. The massive red oval at the top will no doubt get a bit tedious but sometimes that's what's needed. Fortunately I have a couple of long ferry rides ahead of me in the next couple of weeks, should be able to get lots of sewing done!


  1. Love the "non GMO" addition. Keep the spirit!


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