Cornucopia of Colour

The greenhouse is generating ripe produce as fast as we can pick it. Here is one afternoon's harvest. The dark tomatoes on the bottom are Black Krim, a heritage variety that has a wonderful rich, slightly smoky flavour.

I managed to save a few sunflowers from a well-meaning but overly eager hoe. They are now starting to blossom.

A cornucopia of yarn came into my life this weekend as I was the extremely lucky winner of a basket of locally spun fibre from Qualicum Bay Fibreworks at our Fireman's Picnic. I hope to soon visit Qualicum Bay and meet owner Anna Runnings. Apparently the mill's equipment is 100 years old and she custom processes fleece to individual spinner's specifications. These four cones are a range of naturally coloured Polwarth, Romney, Merino and silk blends, and the big skein of dark brown Romney is some of my own attempt to spin a bulky two ply after miles of lace weight three ply.

These colours reflect the maturing palette of my garden. It has been awfully dry and very hot the last couple of weeks.

The vivid magenta of this amaranth gives a welcome burst of colour amidst the straw.


  1. love the colors!

  2. Been away on holiday and haven't checked out my favourite blogs in a while, but coming back to yours is such a pleasure. Your life seems so blissful in a beautiful and serene environment. You deserve it.


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