It's a Jungle

Angus's new tagline is: "Silent death stalks the range."

I made a mixed currant/salmonberry jelly from these luscious fruits.

The tomatoes in the greenhouse are rampant.

These are a heritage variety "Kutenai" that I started from seed I had saved 10 years ago!

These ones are "Principe Borghese", an Italian variety good for sun drying.

Can the elephants be far away?

The first garlic I pulled, just to see how it was doing. Huge, huh?

The carrots aren't bad either. I planted a mix of varieties - the white ones seem to be the biggest.

Scarlet runner beans - my favourite.

Yup, I'd call this year's garden a success. But I can't get complacent - apparently there are raccoons yet to reckon with.


  1. Anonymous12:13 AM

    Summer is an embarrasment of riches isn't it? I just grow several large pots of basil and mint and thyme on my balcony but I have found myself drowning in a plethora of vegetables these past few weeks. Everybody I know out here in Japan has a vegetable patch and they bring me fresh produce before I can get through the previous batch. Cucumbers are particularly abundant. I could pickle them I guess but I don't have space to store many jars. H-m-m-m... In Mexico I ate sliced cukes sprinkled with salt and chilli pepper. It could be a good accompaniement to my latest favourite drink, shochu (a kind of 25 proof sake) and tonic with lime. Cheers! Jean-Pierre


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