200 Posts? It Can't Be!

Apparently this is my 200th post. The blog has shifted in direction an few times and remains a rather haphazard assortment of thoughts and pictures, actually a fairly accurate reflection of my life.

Here is a shelf in my new sewing room.

There are a lot of beautiful garter snakes who live in the garden. I have found a few shed skins. They are amazingly complete, see how even the eyes shed a layer. (The snakes are temporarily blind while moulting.)
Happy Canada Day!


  1. well congrats....
    the snakes are temporarily blind while molting....that's a classic line. love it.

  2. Spooky snake skin, I always find these a bit disturbing, fasinating, but a bit scary.
    Nice daruma!

  3. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Snakes? Gardens? Is there a biblical thread running through Lasqueti Island life? I always thought the bible was a fine read, at least the bible as writ by Laurie Anderson. She places Eden in Up-State New York and Adam is just so dull, the snake is the only critter with decent conversational skills. Can you blame her for eating an apple?



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