Looking Closely

I finally finished the text portion of this piece and now am deciding on thread colours for the hand quilted border. I am trying to let this stage of the process be more spontaneous - I've had enough (for now) of the niggly tiny stitches of satin stitch.

This butterfly (I believe a Western Swallowtail)touched down on the rhododendron for a moment. There have been a lot of them around. I was able to study one very closely for a few minutes this morning as it was resting on the leaves of an apple tree.

This blue flowered tree (I wish I knew what it was) is absolutely alive with bees. I find it fascinating to watch them work the blossoms.

I took a bit of time to lie on my back on the deck and look up at the kiwi vine. It's a stunner!


  1. You did all that lettering by hand? Wholey-sludge-a-mattock, that looks great!

    the blue flower plant thingie....haven't a clue about it's name, but is it the shrub type covered in blue bottle-brush type flowers? Love those. I want one or 2 also.

    speakers have the best magnets in them! as you well know now!


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